Tenancy Application

I/We apply for tenancy of the premises described below upon the terms set out below:


By submitting this form, I authorise the landlord's agent -

(a) to check with my previous or current employer, my previous or current landlord/agent, and the referees named as my suitability as a tenant;

(b) to request and receive from any tenancy recording services and from other real estate agencies information regarding my previous tenancies; and,

(c) to report any details of the tenancy to any Tenancy Recording Services as the Agent deems necessary, including breaches of the tenancy agreement or positive references.


The agent is committed to the principles of the Privacy Act 1998 (Cth). All steps are taken to ensure that any personal information collected is protected from unauthorised use.

if you dispute part or all of the amount specified in this statement, and if you have been unable to resolve the dispute, you may apply to the Fair Trading Tribunal for a determination of the matter. By law legal action to recover the amount specified in this statement cannot be commenced until 28 days after it has seen served on you.